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Delta Defense Services is Certified Alaska Native Village Corporation (ANC) providing System Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) support to programmatic/ contracting organizations around the world.  We provide highly motivated, high impact subject matter experts to our partners, teammates who can enter an organization and help drive success and mission accomplishment. At DDS, we know that it is all about the quality of the people. We recruit and retain the very best in our profession and are very proud to say that we have very satisfied customers and employees. It is always about the people!

Acquisition Management Support

Complete DoD Acquisition Life Cycle Experience

Pre-award Acquisition Documentation Development

Contract Administration & Negotiation Support

Acquistion Strategy Development Support

Independent Cost Estimating


Business Management Support 

Operations Research Analysis

Logistics Modernization Program (LMP)

Cost-To-Own Analysis

GFEBS-SA Implementation

Strategic Management Support

Process Improvement

Simple Acquisition Management Plans 

Budget planning, Cost Allocation & Funding Tracking

Contractor Technical and Cost Performance Surveillance

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